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Our team of very experienced orthopedic specialists offers you as a customer and your patients a high level of competence and commitment.

Our products and services are characterized by a high level of safety and responsible innovation. We see Swiss quality not only as a motto, but as an obligation.


Symposium in Dresden

On November 6th, 2021 there will be a symposium on the topic of "cementless hip arthroplasty".

Unas short stem portfolio extension

Our Pyramid product family has had a new addition in May 2021: The Unas short stem for minimally invasive access.

New team member

Another team member is supporting us in the area of quality, regulatory affairs and complaints since February 2021.

First implantation in Vietnam

We are proudly announcing the first implantation of our Pyramid Hip System in Vietnam in January 2022. Congratulations to all involved in making it happen!

Unas short stem extension

Our Pyramid product family got a new member since May 2021: the Unas short stem system for minimally invasive access.

Nominee Argovian Enterprise Award 2022

We are honored to be announced nominee for the 2022 Argovian Enterprise Award by the Argovian Cantonal Bank. Keeping fingers crossed for a successful outcome in April 2022.

Product highlights

Pyramid hip stems

The PYRAMID hip stem is based on an implant concept that has been producing good clinical results for over the past 20 years. The choice of material, the offset concept, the range of sizes and the design of the surface for uncemented anchoring correspond to the latest state of art …

Great combination possibilities

The Pyramid hip system includes a wide range of stems and cups for a wide range of indications and all common approaches.

One set of instruments for all applications

Due to the unidirectional macrostructure, the Pyramid press-fit acetabular cup has a good positioning behaviour and excellent primary stability. The shell is made of a Ti6Al4V alloy, has a constant oversize compared to the nominal diameter for all sizes and is flattened at the pole …

Pyramid stems

The Pyramid hip stem was established on an implant concept based on over 20 year of good clinical outcome worldwide. Material, offset concept, size range and surface structure for cementless anchoring are chosen according to the latest state-of-the-art.

Great combination options

The Pyramid hip system encloses a broad range of stems and cups for many indications and all common types of access. Each component can be combined with each other making it a versatile system.

One set of instruments for all applications

Reduce to the max when it comes to instruments! Easily combinable, easily manoeuvrable, easily cleanable. And still top notch Swiss quality to rely on. One set of instruments that can be used for all different stems and cups.