Patient Information

Hundreds of thousands of hip replacements are performed each year in Europe and this type of surgery is considered to be the most successful type of orthopaedic surgery. With very high probability you will recover from this surgery and get a high level of pain relief and also regain your mobility. For more than 20 years, our group is responsible for joint replacement technology products, from the development to production and application. We know that the most important success factor is the skill of your surgeon and your trustful cooperation with him.

As an industrial supplier of joint replacement, we would like to refer you to the following unbiased and well established sources of information on the Internet:

There are also many other good online sources. You will find a lot of good information by searching the terms “Hip Joint Arthritis”, “Total Hip Replacement” and/or  “Hip Replacement Surgery”.

Why an implant from Atesos?

The application of suitable high quality implants and implant-specific instruments plays an important part for the long-term success of your hip replacement. If your surgeon has decided to use an implant from Atesos, you will get a high quality product.

Patient information overview

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Note: Both parts of the Pyramid model can be implanted without bone cement. This is called a biological fixation.

The implant components and surgical instruments comply with all legal requirements, are tested according to international standards and are manufactured in proven Swiss quality.