Pyramid Cup

The Pyramid acetabular system allows for excellent primary stability without excessive seating forces due to the unique unidirectional macrostructure surface. The metal shell is made of a Ti6Al4V alloy and has a constant press fit ratio between reaming and oversize for all diameters and is flattened in the pole –region.

There are 2 coated cups with exactly the same properties available. For the dual phase coating there is a 200μm Ti-VPS +  20μm CaP (calcium phosphate) layer. For the single phase coating there is only a 20μm CaP (calcium phosphate) layer.

The threaded hole in the pole is sealed by a screw after implantation.


Product Overview


Maximum ROM

Cups and inlays have been designed for a maximum Range of Motion. This results in possible large head sizes for the following cups:

  • 28mm head for cup size 42
  • 32mm head for cup size 46
  • 36mm head for cup size 50

(valid for both cross linked PE and ceramic inserts)

Cemented Müller-II Cup


  • UHMWPE ISO 5834-2
  • Flat profile
  • Head-ø 32mm
  • sizes: ø 44-62mm