Pyramid Hip System

The Pyramid is a hip replacement system that covers a wide range of indications. The design is based on clinically successful implant concepts, which we have upgraded to the latest state of the art.


Advantages of the Pyramid Hip System

  • Modern concepts of articulation with large femoral heads in combination with small diameter cups and highly cross-linked polyethylene inserts.
  • The system is designed for a wide range of indications and can be used with all standard surgical incisions.
  • The Pyramid Hip Stem comes in a cemented and a cementless version, and both show exactly the same offset system and both are used with the same instruments.
  • The Pyramid Hip Cup is a pressfit cup with flattened pole and with an oversized equator. The cup shows low seating forces and high retension forces and comes in a TPS/ CaP coated version.

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The rapid Osseo integration and its long-term security is supported by a two-layer coating which has two functions. An outer coating, a two-phase, thin calcium phosphate film (Hydroxyapatite & Dicalcium phosphate) for accelerated Osseo integration, with an extremely large surface that is absorbed within 6 months. Underneath lies a highly rough pure Titanium plasma coating in proven quality for permanent anchorage.


Surgical techniques and instruments

Pyramid instruments are characterized by practical, ergonomic, thoughtful solutions for both the Cup Set and the Stem Set  as well. Modular rasps with straight handles or double-offset handles, suitable for stem first technique to be powered by hammer, slap hammer or IMT rasp machines. The Octopus Inlay-seating instrument is suitable for ceramic, has a holding force a approximately 5kg and reduces the risk of cracking or initiating holes in cross-linked PE. Screwdriver Pole-seal screw with easily manageable locking: Never again a lost screw



Reference clinics

Clinical Center Erlabrunn
(Sachsen, Germany)

Dr. Randolf Pirtkien