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Optical measurement technology is the basis for most surgical navigation systems. Our team has over 10 years of experience with this technique. Atesos has developed measurement components for application in optical measurement technology in medicine and is offering them as separate products or as OEM products to Industrial partners.

SORT-Protect and SORT-Adhesive


Retro reflective spherical targets for measurement systems and navigation systems in medical application

  • supplied sterile, disposable
  • high precision
  • insensitive to contamination
  • functional in moisture
  • NDI-compatible connection
  • 2 versions: snap and adhesive

Switch locator


Instrument for use with optical measurement system / surgical navigation system:

  • replaces footswitch
  • function trigger is analog with a computer mouse
  • medical product class 1, to be autoclaved


These products are distributed by our partner company Axios 3D Services GmbH ( For further information about these products please contact us or