Femoral ball heads


Ball heads do have the main task to provide a perfect articulation between hip stem and cup components in a modular endoprothetic hip system. When it comes to suitable sliding partners there is the option of either metal ball heads with polyethylene (PE) cup inlays or pure ceramics on ceramics sliding components.
Metal ball heads together with PE cup inlays can either be used for cementless Pyramid hip cups or cemented PE cups (i.e. Müller II cups).

As an alternative with extremely low abrasion properties compared to metal ball heads, we also offer ELEC®plus ball heads. These are compatible with all common stem materials.
ELEC®plus ball heads as well as cup inlays provide a high breaking strength and extremely low wear and tear articulation properties.

In case a revision must be performed, ELEC®plus revision ball heads are a good choice which can be mounted on stems which are still in-situ.

All ball heads are fixed with a force-fit onto the stem component and are connected with a 12 / 14 cone. 

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