Atesos Total Hip Replacement System

Atesos total hip replacement system

The Atesos Total Hip Replacement System can be used for a broad range of indications. When developing the system, we orientated ourselves on clinically successful implant concepts and added some features from the latest state of technology.

  • Great choice between Pyramid System (cemented and uncemented stems) and Unas – a short stem version for minimally invasive techniques. All stems come with two different offset systems and can be used with exactly the same instruments.
  • Compatibility between all stems with all versions of heads. Plus, if needed, the modern articulation concept allows for big heads fitting in small cups.
  • Revisions can be performed with corresponding instruments and a special revision cup with cancellous bone screws for fixation.
  • Proven materials form the basis for solid Swiss quality implants like highly cross-linked polyethylene, pure titanium and ceramics.
  • Suitable for all common types of approaches.
  • Focused loads when implanting the press-fit cup as when positioning the cup minimal force is applied. However, the structure of the surface results in high retention forces. The shape of the cup design comes with a flattened pole region and an oversized equator area allowing for those different targeted loads. Option between titanium plasma coating or calcium phosphate coated version.


We aim at a fast and long-term osseointegration by providing two layers of coating each with different functions: An outer 2-phase thin layer of calcium phospate (hydroxyapatite & dicalcium phospate) for an accelerated osseointegration with an extremely large surface and which is resorbed in 6 months’ time after implantation. Underneath lies a highly rough pure titanium vacuum plasma layer for long-term fixation.

Pure titanium vacuum plasma layer
Hydroxyapatite and dicalcium phospate


When developing the Pyramid instruments we thought of reducing the range to a reasonable fair level in order to keep it simple for the operating staff. Nevertheless, we set the stake high to bring forward instruments which lie well in the operator’s hand, offering high ergonomics and low wear when being used with our cup and stem sets. But can be cleaned and re-sterilized accordingly.

The outcome is a modular system which includes i.e.:

  • straight rasp handles and/or in double offset: suitable for stem first technique and used together with hammer, slide hammer or IMT rasp machine.
  • screw driver for pole locking screw with simply manoeuvrable latch: never lose a screw again!